Vogelpath-De Iongh Recruitment Consultancy (VDI)

Vogelpath-De Iongh Recruitment Consultancy (VDI)

Job placement for professionals in the South African legal market

Vogelpath-De Iongh Recruitment Consultancy (VDI) aims to become and maintain being the preferred legal recruitment consultancy within the South African legal market.

Premier legal recruitment consultancy

We aim to do this by positioning ourselves as a premier legal recruitment consultancy, operating out of the heart of Johannesburg but not defined by conventional boundaries of doing business. We use technology and ingenuity to provide legal professionals and clients with top quality expertise and knowledge of the South African legal recruitment market. VDI ensures that legal professionals are broadly but selectively exposed to obtain only the most suitable opportunities in the market, ones that align directly with their values and that their clients are presented with the finest legal professionals best suited to their business requirements, again aligning directly to their corporate culture. We believe in purpose driving change, therefore every step we take in facilitating change is driven from the purpose of the candidate and client only.

Professional legal jobs at all levels

VDI specialises in placing legal professionals at all levels, from paralegals and secretaries right through to partnership and legal counsel roles. We assist legal professionals and our clients across the private practice sector which includes law firms ranging from small, boutique, top-tier as well as international firms. Further we assist candidates with in-house opportunities, which include commerce and industry as well as the financial services sector. VDI has a proven track record that sources only the highest calibre of legal professionals and has become a highly recommended legal recruitment specialist in the market.

Legal recruitment in South Africa

VDI has an excellent corporate network within the legal fraternity and with our personal approach to the recruitment process, we are proud to say that we collaborate with only the best in the legal market. By adding guidance, support and advice throughout the process, a candidate will experience an unrivaled professional tailored service in order to secure their next legal career move, making it distinctly professional and as care-free as possible.

VDI is all about professionalism, effective change management and integrity.

Sven Bergman

Creating and managing digital products is what we love and what we do.

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