Benefits of registering as a candidate


Save time – opening, entering and sorting applications, cv’s, and forms can be very time consuming, so just by eliminating these processes off your duties you are set to save hours of administrative work hours per week

Free Online registration – you can register a profile and manage your alerts, mails, cv’s from a central place.

Improved customer support – your registered profile will ensure you have all the necessary information to answer immediately to any of the questions an employer might have

Secure online payment processing 24/7 Payfast as a Payment Gateway is compliant and possesses Secure Socket Layer technology. Securely and conveniently pay online –instead of writing a cheque or counting cash at the front line, registered users can simply enter their credit card details online to securely complete their transaction in seconds

Centralised data management – collect data and payments; view number of remaining candidates, featured candidates, and all your cv’s in a single place.

Receive automated confirmation receipt – Once the payment is processed, participants will then receive a receipt confirming they are signed up for their desired event and their payment has been securely processed and accepted

Improve event efficiency – the time and money saved on data entry administrative tasks can be used for better the event, contact more employers, prepare more activities, respond faster to offers.

Access to discounts – with flexible pricing options, candidates can be incentivised and rewarded with a discount if they sign up by a specific date / within a specific time frame.

Receive e-mails and notifications – Registered Candidates gets the ability to be informed straight to their inbox whenever a new event of their interest is launched, without having to look for it.

Improve marketing efforts – via online communication, e-mail, and alerts, candidates have the ability to apply for many positions without re-entering the same fields more than once.

Participate in online surveys – to get to know better your employers, their interests and measure candidate’s experience levels.

Training Plan – Registrations will provide the candidates with the ability to sign up for a customised training plan to prepare for interviews, recruitment, and etiquette.