Parker Placements

Parker Placements Solutions is a provider of customized, flexible Contract and Permanent Staffing Solutions. Our capability covers all major industries in South Africa. We are actively involved with sponsoring the Oliver Empowerment Awards, annually. We further believe in offering previously disadvantaged candidates with the opportunity to start and manage their own businesses. It is a well-known fact that the current Labour Hire and Recruitment market has a shortage of good calibre candidates. Most industries, companies and sectors find it increasingly difficult to fill their positions and this is a situation that seems to become more acute each year. Attracting the right calibre assignees to work is a critical component of our Resource Departments. The calibre of assignees that operate in certain industries requires specific screening, testing and assessments because of the nature of specific job functions. Our highly trained and experienced Executive Consultant’s main objective is to ensure that each candidate we refer to our clients, is the best suitable candidate for a specific vacancy. A detailed job specification is obtained from our client to ensure that we cover all the dimensions required for that specific vacancy and to source the correct candidate for our clients need. The benefits of using our winning team are, inter alia:
  • Cost-efficient fee structures;
  • A comprehensive candidate database;
  • An extensive specialist team;
  • A comprehensive and on-going skills development program to ensure the fast-tracking of previously disadvantaged personnel.
In essence: We will be tapping into our resources to find more than merely HR solutions. We will create an optimum custom-designed package consisting of:
  • Customer relations management
  • Management services and guaranteed output
Last but not least, Parker Placements conforms to all Government Legislation and requirements as far as Transformation and Employment Equity are concerned. I trust that you will find our proposal not only satisfactory, but an essential part of your future success.