Here are 10 essential tips that are helping graduates to ace their interviews

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No more campus days. No more lecture halls. No more exam preparations. Lots more job applications, and hopefully, only one more job interview before you land your first real job.

To ensure that it is just one more interview left, you have to impress the hiring manager. Here are a few interview tips that’ll put you a cut above all the other job candidates.

1. Google the company.

Find out as much as you possibly can about them.

2. Follow one or all of their social networks.

It’s the easiest way to stay up to date with what they’re doing, promoting, and what they care about.

3. If you search deep enough, you might find out who’ll be interviewing you.

You’ll have a face to a name and that’ll be one less surprise for you on the day.

Bonus Tip: Find out if you know anyone that works there to find out more about the culture, the interview process, appropriate dress code, etc. Inside info will give you an extra advantage.

4. Have a fully charged phone.

Not only is it safe to have the phone number and address at hand just in case, but the company may try to get hold of you to reschedule or change the address – rather safe than sorry.

5. Leave long before the time.

You do not want to show up sweaty, rushed, or exhausted.

6. But don’t arrive too early either.

Sitting in the waiting room for more than 20min will make your interviewer feel rushed. Also, someone will feel compelled to keep you comfortable and they’ll be annoyed with you for it (bringing your water, asking are you okay, and helping you with the countdown: ‘she’ll be here soon,’ ‘just five minutes,’ etc.).

7. Prepare a cheat sheet.

We’ve designed a ready-to-print interview cheat sheet that you can take along to the interview. All you have to do is add a few personalised keywords. However, there are very strict rules to using the cheat sheet optimally, which if ignored, will do a lot more harm than good!

Bonus Tip: Read this immediately – It’s the only interview guide you’ll ever need!

8. Don’t be fooled by the interviewer’s casual demeanour.

It’s a trap! Remain professional, and don’t ever brag about being the life of the party.

9. Ask as many questions as possible.

Here are 5 noteworthy interview questions you can start off with. Keep it real by being honest about your flaws. Most graduates go wrong when asked about their weaknesses because their answers are all the same.

10. It’s 100{986d44274747a5c76dc1672921bbe0dd933450491f05a8d42739aa242512160b} true: Your body language during the interview must be on point.

Give a firm handshake, hold a good posture and don’t forget to look at your interviewers in the eyes as you answer them.

Bonus Tip: Remember: You love the company. You have never loved anything more ever in your life before. Make sure they see that.

For inexperienced graduates, the interview process is comparable to climbing Mount Everest – daunting and intimidating. But like reaching the top, the rewards are life-changing. It’s best to keep these very basic but very important tips in mind as it is the implementation of these fundamentals that make or break your chances.

Good luck!