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How to register your  Jobs RSA profile


  1. From the Home Page, select Login on the menu.
  2. From the sub-menu under Login, select Register
  3. Fill out the relevant registration form
  4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once your profile has been activated.
  5. Login directly from the e=mail link, or via the login link on the website






Candidate Assistance



  1. Your Candidate Profile is your personal and private space to manage and view your career.
  2. After you have logged in to Jobs RSA, you will be automatically redirected to you profile page,
  3. Only you have access to this page, and the information added on this page.
  4. By selecting the Gear icon under the Cover Image, you will be able to edit and update your profile

Applying for a job

  1. Select the Jobs link on the main menu.
  2. You can scroll down the provided list of jobs, or use the search fields to narrow your search.
  3. After you have chosen a job to apply for, you can fill out the application by selecting the Apply for Job button
  4. Only PDF, TIFF and JPG format are allowed in the upload field.

Employer Assistance


Posting a job

  1. After logging in, your link will become live on the menu.
  2. under the Employer link, select post a job from the sub-menu
  3. Fill out the required fields
  4. Submit the job posting for approval.
  5. After the approval process, your job listing will be listed under the jobs page.